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What’s it like to dive through space at 700mph? Soon we could all have a chance to find out

October 20, 2007

space dive

Science & technology

By MICHAEL HANLON – More by this author » Last updated at 01:11am on 19th October 2007

From where pilot Joseph Kittinger was standing at the limit of the earth’s atmosphere, there was only the deep black of space above him merging into a vivid blue below.

Beneath his feet, the curvature of the Earth and the sands of New Mexico were clearly visible. The Sun burnt brightly, far more brilliantly than it appeared from the ground.

Looking up through the glass visor on his spacesuit, Kittinger could see only the huge, fragile, gossamer-thin silver balloon towering 200ft over his tiny gondola.

This helium-filled balloon, Excelsior, had taken him to the edge of space, bathed in solar ultraviolet radiation and in temperatures of -70C.

The air pressure was lower than that on the surface of Mars – essentially a vacuum.

At that height, there was no wind, no sound … nothing.

And then Kittinger took a last look at the tiny gondola and did something unthinkable: he jumped.

From an altitude of 102,800ft, or 20 miles (more than three times the cruising altitude of a commercial airliner or the height of Mount Everest), Kittinger plunged into the void, attaining speeds of more than 700mph as he hurtled towards the earth.

Despite breaking a seal on his spacesuit, he survived, landing gently by parachute 13 minutes and 45 seconds later.

That extraordinary jump on August 16, 1960, broke the record for the highest parachute jump which stands to this day, a daredevil achievement that makes the antics of today’s bungee-istes and base-jumpers look like nursery games.

But it may not be a record which stands for much longer.

In New Scientist magazine this week, a bizarre project has been revealed which, if it comes to fruition, will not only see Kittinger’s extraordinary and little-known record smashed, but will open up near-space to a new breed of extreme sportsmen and women – people keen to get the ultimate kick by jumping not from 20, but from 30 or even 60 miles above the Earth.

Led by a consortium of extreme sports enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, the project envisages a small unmanned rocket delivering a human cargo to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere – a living cargo which will then leap into the void equipped with nothing but a spacesuit and a parachute.

It sounds like dangerous lunacy, but there is method in this madness.

One of the driving forces behind the project is Jonathan Clark, a military parachutist and NASA medic whose wife Laurel was killed in the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster in 2003.

For him, the project is less about creating a new extreme sport (although these ultimate high-dives will be open to anyone with the training and wallet necessary) than advancing the cause of astronaut safety.

For despite the Shuttle disasters, the belief persists that space travel is inherently safe, routine, little more dangerous than going aloft in an airliner.

It is not. Space travel remains an extraordinarily risky venture, nearly four decades after Yuri Gagarin’s first flight.

So far, some 460 people have left the Earth’s atmosphere, and of those, 22 have been killed either during the flight or in tests – a five per cent fatality rate, far higher than just about any other military or aviation pursuit.

In fact, being an astronaut is statistically about as dangerous as serving on the front line in the heat of battle. And this is something that Clark wishes to change. Developing the ultimate skydive will be, he says, ‘a means of providing options for folks in these risky environments’.

The idea is that by developing space-diving as an extreme sport (funded by wealthy thrill-seekers who will pay perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars to strap themselves to a giant firework and jump off it), a whole new technology will be developed – the space lifeboat.

This could involve a pod with parachutes, or just parachutes for individual astronauts.

Currently, the options available to an astronaut stranded in space aboard a defunct craft are limited.

It is possible in theory to be rescued by another spacecraft, and a lander-craft can dock with the International Space Station, but should problems arise rapidly on ascent, descent or in orbit, there is currently no way of bailing out.

Space entrepreneur Rick Tumlinson has started a company, Space Diver, with Jonathan Clark, to develop this ultimate fairground ride – one of a handful of enterprises in the space tourism business.

Unlike their competitors (including Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic), who will provide passengers with secure, warm and airtight transport for the ride up and down, Space Diver customers will be strapped to the outside of a rocket.

As the rocket reaches maximum altitude it will slow to a halt, before falling back to Earth. At this point its single passenger will jump off – perhaps assisted by a spring – and begin an extraordinary journey back to terra firma.

Thanks to Joseph Kittinger, we have a good idea of what he – or she – can expect.

As he climbed to the gondola step-off platform, Kittinger caught his hand on a piece of metal, breaking the pressure seal and allowing all the air to leak out.

Fortunately, only his hand was exposed to the vacuum of space (a rubber ring around his wrist prevented the rest of his suit from depressurising) but the effect was dramatic – and painful.

Blood pooled in his hand and it swelled to twice its normal size. He chose not to radio ground control, fearing they would order him to abort, and leapt anyway.

At first, apart from the sight of his balloon disappearing rapidly into the sky above him, there was no sense at all that he was moving. At 100,000ft the air is so thin it cannot be felt, or heard, and at this height the ground is coming closer only imperceptibly.

And because of the near-vacuum, there was no air resistance to slow Kittinger down; in a few seconds he reached an estimated speed of 714mph.

After a few minutes, however, the air around the plummeting astronaut thickened significantly, slowing him down dramatically.

It is at this point that the greatest danger occurs; in the 1950s, a secret U.S. project involved firing human-sized dummies into the upper atmosphere and letting them fall.

When they hit the thicker air, they began spinning at speeds of 200 revolutions per minute – easily enough to induce unconsciousness or even death.

Kittinger was able to avoid this fate by using a small stabiliser-chute; Space Diver hopes to use stabilising fins or simply find a way to use the natural body-shape of the space-diver to minimise turbulence.

One possibility is they will be instructed to adopt a head-first, streamlined posture, much like a high diver plunging into a pool.

Hopefully, the end result will be that experienced by Kittinger – a safe and soft landing. After four minutes and 36 seconds he opened his main chute at an altitude of 17,500ft and drifted gently down to the New Mexico desert.

Kittinger was remarkably sanguine about his achievement, and his hand, which he feared may have been permanently damaged, returned to normal after just a few hours.

The next space dive could take place as early as 2009, although the history of private space exploration suggests we can safely add a few years to this date.

Who will be first? Almost certainly Jonathan Clark himself, an experienced parachutist. ‘I’m willing to put myself at that risk,’ he says.

Just don’t let the health and safety brigade hear about this.

By MICHAEL HANLON – More by this author » Last updated at 01:11am on 19th October 2007


9/11 Tribute (The Fray)

October 15, 2007

9/11 Tribute (The Fray)

I only made this video in an hour because I heard this song on Sept. 11th and HAD to make a slideshow for it. The song is “How to Save a Life” by the Fray, but it is a remix that a radio station did that has some sounds and calls from 9/11. The website at the end is where you can download the song.
Please remember that day, those lost, and those who lost them. You’re all in our hearts.

::all pictures belong to the photographers who took them, and the song belongs to the band. i have no copyright over any of the material used

9/11 Coincidences (Part Six)

October 15, 2007

9/11 Coincidences (Part Six)

9/11 Coincidences (Part Six)
“ABLE DANGER” Terror Drills on 9/11

On the morning of September 11 2001, the US Defence Agencies had been running pre-planned simulations of terrorist attacks involving crashing planes into the WTC and Pentagon. The Bush administration described the event as “a bizarre coincidence”. The matter was not mentioned by the media. True to form for false-flag terror attacks, it seems that these Military Drills were used as cover for the attack.

Webster Tarpley lays out a very convincing case that military drills were used as cover and pretext for the attacks of 9/11. Using drills, our own military resources were directed, in supposed practice attacks, which were ‘flipped live’ by moles working within the government. Using such drills, most of the fighter air cover of the US was redirected to Alaska and Canada. Other drills were used to inject dozens of false ‘blips’ onto FAA radar screens. Still other drills, ones using ‘live fly’ hijacked aircraft, were apparently ‘flipped live’ and the planes crashed into the towers under remote control.

The ‘hijackers’ are mere patsies, DOD controlled “red team” actors. The supposed ‘hijackers’ are essentially actors trained by the military and CIA to play the part of the “red team” in simulated terrorist drills. The now famous “Able Danger” program was most likely one half, the red half, of a hijack drill the other half being “Able Warrior.”

This is a tribute to all 2,973 people who died that day. Please be respectful.

October 15, 2007


Audio: Hands By Jewel
Creator: Brian Bezalel (Skyracer90)
Date of Creation: 2003
Download link:…
**Due to the increased amounts of requests to download this video, I have decided to allow the video to be downloaded. I feel that the people who want to use it in schools, churches, projects and reports should be able to do so. I ask that you do not edit or modify it in any way. I know that I can not enforce this, but I trust that most people will listen.

This is a music video I made in about 2003 that tells the story of the events that occurred on September 11, 2001 as well as after.

This is a tribute to all 2,973 people who died that day. Please be respectful.

Here’s a good 3 min 9-11 Clip worth seeing!

October 15, 2007

Here’s a good 3 min 9-11 Clip worth seeing!

THE FLIGHT 93 FRAUD- Smoking Gun Evidence

October 15, 2007

THE FLIGHT 93 FRAUD- Smoking Gun Evidence





If you’re going to show me pictures of a rusted little engine, dont.

perhaps we have witnessed the birth of a new mutant

October 7, 2007

NORRISTOWN, Pa. – (AP) A pet store has bought a two-headed turtle from a collector and plans to keep it on display, the store manager said. The 2-month-old turtle, actually conjoined red-eared slider turtle twins, fits on a silver dollar.

It has two heads sticking out from opposite ends of its shell, along with a pair of front feet on each side.

The turtle is apparently healthy, and the species can live 15 to 20 years. The turtle has not yet been named.

Ed and Elaine Brown taken into custody.

October 6, 2007

October 4, 2007

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A couple convicted of tax evasion were arrested peacefully at their Plainfield home Thursday night after holing up at the fortress-like compound for months, the U.S. Marshals Service said.Ed and Elaine Brown were convicted on federal tax charges in January and refused to turn themselves in to authorities when they were sentenced in April to five years and three months in prison.It was not immediately clear how they were taken into custody.

We have just seen the news that Ed and Elaine Brown have been taken into custody by the US Marshalsd Service.

The mainstream media continue to portray the Brown’s as a dodgy couple who were trying all manner of things to avoid paying personal Federal Income Tax. In reality, if we understand the situation correctly, the Browns have been willing to settle any tax liability if they were shown the law and statute that requires them to file a personal Federal Income Tax return and pay any subsequent liability.

The New Hampshire Union Leader also runs an article describing the arrests but is mysteriously short on details when it comes to describing the manner of the operation used to effect the arrests. They do quote US Marshal Stephe Monier as saying:-

“We had no indication that the Browns intended to voluntarily surrender, so we had to move forward with an operation that promised the safest possible outcome. That day was today”

So once again, the question “Show me the law?” remains unanswered and two US citizens are temporarily silenced through the use of force.

Yet former IRS Special Agent Joe Banister was so concerned the law he was enforcing was both illegal and unconstitutional he spent two years of his own time investigating the legitmacy of the personal Federal Income Tax.

So once again the demand must not be repeated of the IRS. Show us the law?

I was fired by Barbara Walters!’ Rosie reveals

October 6, 2007

Access Hollywood

Updated: 2:58 p.m. ET Oct 5, 2007

O’Donnell also claims that the show’s panelists were told what to say

NEW YORK – Rosie O’Donnell put a new spin on her departure from “The View” Wednesday night, claiming on stage at a comedy club that she had been fired by Barbara Walters.

O’Donnell joined Roseanne Barr on stage at Comix in New York City at Barr’s invitation, according to the New York Daily News’ Rush & Molloy, who reported the incident.

While on stage, Rosie reportedly started off her address to the crowd by saying, “When I was fired by Barbara Walters.”

O’Donnell said that the ladies on “The View” wore earpieces, according to the article. She also claimed that producers told the panelists what to say through the devices. Rosie also reportedly told the Comix audience she refused to wear one during her time on “The View.”

The outspoken former TV host also made another shocking claim — that she and Walters were once close enough that Walters suggested a name-brand, personal lubricant for O’Donnell’s use — Astroglide. Rosie told the Comix audience that the suggestion took her by surprise, Rush & Molloy reported.

Reps for Rosie and Barbara could not be reached at press time.

Again! 10 Christians slaughtered

October 6, 2007
Again! 10 Christians slaughtered
over alleged Muhammad cartoon

Rampaging Muslims have killed 10 Christians, injured 61 others, destroyed nine churches and displaced more than 500 people in northern Nigeria, according to eyewitnesses – all because Muslim high school students claimed a Christian student had drawn a cartoon of Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, on the wall of the school’s mosque.

The rampage occurred Sept. 28 in the town of Tudun Wada Dankadai, in Nigeria’s northern state of Kano.

According to Compass Direct News, which specializes in reporting on Christian persecution worldwide, there are 1,500 students at the high school, called Government College-Tudun Wada Dankadai, of which only 14 are Christians, and only seven of those actually live on campus. The Christian students at the school insist no one ever saw the alleged cartoon, and furthermore that no one in the tiny minority group of Christians would have dared such a feat, especially during Ramadan.

“How can we take such a risk when we know that we are a minority and cannot stand [against] them?” Christian student Shehu Bawa told Compass. “This is a lie created to have a reason to attack us.”

Eighteen-year-old student Iliya Adamu told Compass he was getting ready to go to class when a group of Muslim students stormed into his dorm and began to beat him.

(Story continues below)

“I was surprised that they were beating me without telling what I did,” Adamu said. “I asked to know what was happening, and they claimed that one Christian student had gone to their mosque to draw a cartoon of Muhammad. In spite of my denying the act, they kept beating me.”

Seeing the Muslim mob beating a Christian classmate named Sule La’azaru, Adamu ran to the principal’s office for refuge, soon to be joined by the remaining Christian students there, according to the report.

Despite the attempts by the Muslim teachers to stop the rampage, Muslim students began throwing stones at the Christian students through the window of the principal’s office, wounding student Ayuba Wada in the head.

“I was inside the office of our principal, with the others, when suddenly the Muslim students began throwing stones at us,” Wada told Compass. “It was through this way that my head was broken. I was bleeding, and no help came as the situation became more riotous.”

Eventually, the rampaging Muslim students broke into the principal’s office, but the principal’s arrival saved Wada’s life, while the other Christians holed up there managed to escape the mob.

One of the Christian students, Shehu Bawa, told Compass his arrival on campus that morning was punctuated by shouts of “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is Great) “all over the school.” In fact, he said, “The Muslim students were now attacking every Christian student on sight. Four of us ran into the office of the vice principal, but when it was finally broken into by the Muslim students, we ran out and escaped.”

What about the alleged cartoon of Muhammad, rumors of which instigated the attacks?

“We suspect that either one of the Muslim students in the school did this to create an excuse for us to be attacked, or that a Muslim fanatic from the town might have done this to spark off a fight among Muslims and Christians,” said Bawa. “How could we have done this when Muslim students are always around the mosque day and night because of the Ramadan?”

The rampage spreads far and wide

After attacking the few Christian students in their school, the rampaging Muslim students poured into the streets of Tudun Wada, joined now by other Muslims. For the next four hours, reports Compass, the growing mob burned down Christian churches, vandalized Christian property and murdered innocents.

Among the churches burned were: St. Mary’s Catholic Church; St. George’s Anglican Church; Evangelical Church of West Africa; Assemblies of God Church; First Baptist Church; a Pentecostal church called the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church; an African independent church, the Cherubim and Seraphim Church; and two other Pentecostal churches, The Chosen Bible Church and Deeper Life Bible Church.

The 10 Christians murdered included: Augustine Odoh and his younger brother Cosmos Odoh, both members of St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Another Catholic, Joseph Eze, was also killed. When Compass filed its initial report, the corpses of the three Catholics were lying at the City Hospital in Kano city. Seven other Christians murdered were buried in a common grave Wednesday, but government workers did not allow relatives or church leaders to identify the corpses.

The dozens of injured are being treated at the Assumpta Clinic, Nomansland in Sabon Gari area of Kano city.

According to Musa Ahmadu Haruna, the priest of St. George’s Anglican Church, Tudun Wada Dankadai, whose church was burned, no Christian student in the school could have drawn an image of Muhammad.

“None of these students is capable of drawing a cartoon on a mosque,” he told Compass Direct. “That is a frame-up to find a reason to attack us.”

Another pastor, Rabiu Danbawa of the Evangelical Church of West Africa, said that upon hearing of the waves of attacks on Christians, he moved toward the town’s center to see for himself what was transpiring.

“I stood as they set fire on our churches one by one,” he told Compas Direct. “There was nothing I could do,” he said, adding, “I did not know the fate of my wife and my children.” When he went to the local police station for help, Danbawa found the police turning away Christians who had run there to escape the attack. “We were told to leave, as our safety could not be guaranteed,” he said, in tears, according to Compass Direct. “Women and children all scampered to the bush, only to be attacked by the Muslims who had already hid themselves in the bush awaiting their Christian prey.”

It wasn’t until several days later that Danbawa found his wife and children safe.

Accoroding to reports from Compass, Danbawa and his family are now refugees in Dogon Kawo village, along with other Christian victims. None have food or shelter, he said.

Even Christian policemen were not immune, with about 30 officers and their families being attacked and their homes looted and set on fire.

Last week’s massacre comes in respose to a call in July by the Sultan of Sokoto, Abubakar III, to Muslims in northern Nigeria to rise against Christianity. Kano’s state government has led the way in northern Nigeria for the implementation of sharia Islamic law.

Mark Lipdo, director of the Stefanos Foundation, which ministers to persecuted Christians in Nigeria, told Compass he’s shocked that the Nigerian government has done nothing to help the injured and displaced.

“It is surprising that an overwhelming thing like this that has displaced thousands of Christians is not known to the Nigerian government,” he said, noting that the government initially downplayed the mass rampage. “The government must act to check such unprovoked attacks against Christians.”

And Haruna of St. George’s Anglican Church said, “We are living under persecution in Kano state, and yet, we are being told that we are under a democratic government. Do Muslims really want us to co-exist together as a nation? I doubt so.”

As WND reported in May, Christians in Nigeria, who make up about half the population, fears the imposition of Islamic law throughout that nation.

Indeed, as WND has reported, Muslim rioters in Nigeria in 2006 were incensed over cartoons of Muhammad published in Denmark, and more than 130 Christians in the Nigerian cities of Maiduguri and Onitsha were slaughtered.

The reports documented six children burned to ashes in front of their father, according to Voice of the Martyrs.

WND also has reported nearly 1,000 homes of Christians and many churches have been destroyed in these regions.

“If you go around villages, you will see people missing one hand or one foot,” explained Rev. Obiora Ike. “Do you think that’s the result of an illness? That is the result of sharia law.”

More than 10,000 Christians have been martyred in the region since the Islamic law was imposed in the region in 1999, and Voice of the Martyrs has helped surviving family members through its Families of Martyrs Fund with Care Packs, Village Outreach packs and words of encouragement to believers who stand for their faith “amidst volatile, uncertain conditions.”