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I was fired by Barbara Walters!’ Rosie reveals

October 6, 2007

Access Hollywood

Updated: 2:58 p.m. ET Oct 5, 2007

O’Donnell also claims that the show’s panelists were told what to say

NEW YORK – Rosie O’Donnell put a new spin on her departure from “The View” Wednesday night, claiming on stage at a comedy club that she had been fired by Barbara Walters.

O’Donnell joined Roseanne Barr on stage at Comix in New York City at Barr’s invitation, according to the New York Daily News’ Rush & Molloy, who reported the incident.

While on stage, Rosie reportedly started off her address to the crowd by saying, “When I was fired by Barbara Walters.”

O’Donnell said that the ladies on “The View” wore earpieces, according to the article. She also claimed that producers told the panelists what to say through the devices. Rosie also reportedly told the Comix audience she refused to wear one during her time on “The View.”

The outspoken former TV host also made another shocking claim — that she and Walters were once close enough that Walters suggested a name-brand, personal lubricant for O’Donnell’s use — Astroglide. Rosie told the Comix audience that the suggestion took her by surprise, Rush & Molloy reported.

Reps for Rosie and Barbara could not be reached at press time.