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Why Are These Soldiers Not Court Marshalled? « Harlequin’s Gazette

October 2, 2007

Why Are These Soldiers Not Court Marshalled? « Harlequin’s Gazette

Why were these soldiers not court marshalled?

Many videos I have come across, concerning this invasion war show a lot of this type of behaviour from soldiers. This shows me that humanity is not a requirement to join the military currently. We have a very close family friend who had a very high ranking in the military in the 40s through the 60s. He is an elderly gentleman and was capable of sending people to Guantanamo Bay. In my eyes, he is a respectful soldier. He also does not think very highly of Georgie.

I don’t know what you would call these idiots. They are making children in Iraq run after water. It is funny to them.

Our tax dollars pay for them to do their jobs; cruelty to children is not part of a soldier’s job description. Maybe under the Bush Administration it is.

This is already an illegal war, and we need to commend soldiers that do their jobs correctly. However, the evil people in this video should be found, and maybe we should keep their children thirsty and hungry for a few days, make them run in the heat after a truck, laugh at them, and then throw water at them. That’s not funny, is it?

Kind of reminds you how Katrina was handled, the whole humanity thing.

Don’t come up with any cutesy remarks either. They will be deleted or ignored. I am not easily brainwashed and knew exactly what would happen with Bush.



Bill Maher attacked 9/11 truthers.

October 2, 2007

9/11 Truthers Respond to Bill Maher

Wake up Bill Maher!

We Respond

I lost all respect for Maher when he religiously defended Israel, wake up democrats, your party is just as controlled by Zionists as the Republicans.


Don’t Tase Me Bro! Britney Spears Version

September 28, 2007

Don’t Tase Me Bro! Britney Spears Version

Britney Spears song parody on University of Florida student tasered by cops during John Kerry speech.

Police Clash with Protesters in Myanmar (Monks Protest)

September 28, 2007

Police Clash with Protesters in Myanmar (Monks Protest)

26.09.2007 Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) – The military dictatorship in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, cracked down on escalating anti-government street protests on Wednesday, Sept. 26, with troops firing over the heads of large crowds in Yangon, the country’s main city. Riot police fired tear gas at columns of monks trying to push their way past barricades sealing off the Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar’s holiest shrine and the starting point of marches that mushroomed from small protests against huge fuel price increases. Angry crowds filled the streets of Yangon, defying the military violence meant to curb the biggest anti-government protests in 20 years.

Ask a Democrat about the Skull and Bones secret society, get tasered

September 28, 2007

“When the government fears the people there is LIBERTY;
when the people fear the government there is TYRANNY.”

-Thomas Jefferson

Update 9/18/07: There was a lot more to this story than was apparent at the first glance. Michelle Malkin covers much of it. Short version, the questioner had already asked a lot of bizarre questions and seemed to be daring the campus police to arrest and taser him with his bizarre behavior around a national figure. Somewhat unbelievably, Kerry claimed he didn’t know the guy was getting tasered. I guess he couldn’t hear the caterwauling from the front of the hall.


I’ll leave my embarrassing rant up so you can all slap me around for it. That might stop me from getting my panties in a bunch next time.

Update 9/24/07: You knew this would happen. The star of the video has inspired a spoof.

Not once did Kerry call out for mercy for the questioner. Not once. He is a coward who lacks the guts to answer an embarrassing question and a moral idiot who cannot identify wrong being done in his own name when he sees it.

Character matters, John Kerry. I thank God you lost the Presidential race in 2004!

John Kerry should be ashamed of what he did today, tomorrow, and every day of the rest of his life. Democrats who respect him should rethink supporting him and any other leftist candidates who mouth platitudes about free speech they do not adhere to in their own lives.

What am I talking about? Watch.

“What did I do?”

meyermug.jpgThe mugshot in case you haven’t seen it

A young man goes to the microphone at a John Kerry Townhall meeting to ask a question. “Were you a member of the Skull and Bones in college. Were you and Bush members of the same secret society?”

Eight police grabbed the student and hustled him up to the back of the auditorium where they forced him to the ground and piled on top of him. The audience cheered when he was grabbed and moved away. Shouting, the student protested his treatment, repeatedly asking why he was being arrested, what he did, and begging them not to taze him. They tasered him more than once. I counted four flashes and probably missed some.

Shame on John Kerry and the other passive, spineless jellyfish in the auditorium. Shame!

H/T: Stop the ACLU, Michelle Malkin

Here it is…the police report detailing University of Florida student Andrew Meyer’s day.