The Art Bell Poll Did He Kill Ramona « The Compass Blog

The Art Bell Poll Did He Kill Ramona « The Compass Blog

The Art Bell Poll Did He Kill Ramona

Posted on November 4th, 2006.

 There was a huge response to this post and the poll shows that an overwhelming 85% of you thought that Art had something to do with Ramona’s death.In light of the great response from that poll, we have started another poll, this one is a about Art. New Poll is active for Art Bell HERE

Voice your opinion on rather Art Bell had anything to do with the death of Ramona Bell.…. .Thank you for your response but that poll is now closed. See the responses above.

Just three months after losing wife Ramona to complications from asthma, “Coast- to- Coast AM” host Art Bell has moved to the Philippines and remarried.

After several weeks of mourning, he had recently gone to the Philippines and married Airyn Ruiz, a recent college graduate.


No. Art did NOT kill Ramona. I can’t say that I know Art personally,But I have listened to his show for 15 years. Long enough to safely comment on his personality. The loss of his wife hurt him so bad that he needed something or someone to keep his mind off of it or possibly end up suicidal. I see absolutely nothing off color about his recent decisions. Everybody wants a conspiracy. There is no conspiracy here. Just a man that knew he had to carry on or die. Love ya Art. Hang in there man.

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