Why Are These Soldiers Not Court Marshalled? « Harlequin’s Gazette

Why Are These Soldiers Not Court Marshalled? « Harlequin’s Gazette

Why were these soldiers not court marshalled?

Many videos I have come across, concerning this invasion war show a lot of this type of behaviour from soldiers. This shows me that humanity is not a requirement to join the military currently. We have a very close family friend who had a very high ranking in the military in the 40s through the 60s. He is an elderly gentleman and was capable of sending people to Guantanamo Bay. In my eyes, he is a respectful soldier. He also does not think very highly of Georgie.

I don’t know what you would call these idiots. They are making children in Iraq run after water. It is funny to them.

Our tax dollars pay for them to do their jobs; cruelty to children is not part of a soldier’s job description. Maybe under the Bush Administration it is.

This is already an illegal war, and we need to commend soldiers that do their jobs correctly. However, the evil people in this video should be found, and maybe we should keep their children thirsty and hungry for a few days, make them run in the heat after a truck, laugh at them, and then throw water at them. That’s not funny, is it?

Kind of reminds you how Katrina was handled, the whole humanity thing.

Don’t come up with any cutesy remarks either. They will be deleted or ignored. I am not easily brainwashed and knew exactly what would happen with Bush.




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One Response to “Why Are These Soldiers Not Court Marshalled? « Harlequin’s Gazette”

  1. harlequinsgazette Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am obliged that you would ‘ping’ to my post. I did misspell a court martial, but I think everyone got the jist.

    One response in particular made me laugh. This guy told me to get perspective, as if I were the one throwing the bottles and sneering. He failed to read the entire blog, picking at the entry as if it were meatloaf night at his home. Making me sound like an anarchist, but of course people like him are Bush Lovers and that is all they see.

    “… and we need to commend soldiers that do their jobs correctly.”

    That line was not read by anyone.


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