Some BitsNPieces…

Some BitsNPieces…

Who gives a damn!?

October 3rd, 2007

We have so far witnessed protests, yells, cries, and countless other forms and shapes of violent and non-violent acts of defiance and opposition to the war in Iraq and to a lesser extent against the one in Afghanistan. People and organizations have spent millions if not more, plus all the time and the energy to sponsor and participate in these protests. Scuffles are a regular feature of many of the protests, usually with police and guards. People out there are ready to go far and further to make sure they are heard.

The question is over whether any of these actually makes any difference, whether they have any affects on agendas followed by a certain few. Opinion polls suggest all kinds of ups and downs in the percentage of people wanting troops back home, end to the war, resignations/impeachment of different people … is there any one left who would actually give a damn about people’s view unless there was another election coming up? Oh yeah, hearings have been staged, trials have been conducted and, and then the story swiftly moves to the back pages and then to the archives as every new day brings on more stories, more worries and more to care about.

For years now there has been a constant noise created by people demanding the removal of criminals, warlords, druglords and terrorists from powerful positions in Afghanistan, and against the presence of people involved in human rights violation, mass murders and crimes of every shape and degree. So far the only difference coming about has been a constant shift from worse to even worse. So far the only success story has been that the newly established news outlets have found constant and loyal news listeners and readers and beyond that comes and permanent full stop.

Karzai’s offer of power-sharing and the potential of handing over a ministry to the Taliban in case they cease to exist as militants and opponents to the government, was no surprise; just another story on another ordinary day. In fact a carbon copy of the Iraqi scenario where Sunni insurgents were provided with weapons in exchange for ‘their word’ to fight AlQaeda and not the US troops. Jeez! As a last resort that MIGHT JUST WORK! What is the guarantee that this would work? Taliban have rejected the plan today but sooner than later they would be there, sitting around the negotiations table, ready for a dialogue or two with the authorities in Kabul, presenting their long list of demands and wishes … How much worse will it then get for the media, for the people and for the World. As members of the powerless masses, let’s wait and see.

Other than the two suicide bombings another news to make it to the front pages was:

Afghan models reveal the beauty under the burqa


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