A blogger warms Kyle. they..you know who.. will come after me. Come and get me!

 Daddy Dan Says to Kyle:
A little overdramatic, don’t you think? I guess they’ll be coming for you next once they read this post. Better put on the tinfoil to protect yourself.


Thank you Daddy Dan. I have my tinfoil on already!


If a person can not ask an elected leader in the USA a question in a public forum and ask for an answer without being arrested and tasered in public and the very people in that room just let it happen…well the police state of the government have now won!

This is terrorism by the police state on the people of the USA by the USA. Wake up America and stand tall against your government and take back your government and your nation back away from those that do this to you. Why do you just keep allowing this to continue?

If that is democracy, fuck America.



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