“Thank God that He has made our enemies stupid.” « Hedonistic Pleasureseeker

“Thank God that He has made our enemies stupid.” « Hedonistic Pleasureseeker…..MORE

“We thank God that he has made (our) enemies stupid,” Ahmadinejad said today. “They do not understand that the world has changed. They believe that we are still in the Middle Ages, where several people decide and others accept. But this era is over.”

Hey, I like this guy already. Unfortunately for our collective wisdom the U.S. media is showing the Iranian president in as negative a light as possible: EVIL NUKULAR! MADMAN! EVIL! BAD MAN! NUKULAR! 911! 911! 911! GAAAAHHHHHHHH!

There is no way to understand our tense situation with Iran without first turning off your TV. The CBS interview was appalling; Scott Pelley was condescending and downright RUDE. One is not required to like a head of state, but when one interviews a head of state on national television professional journalist should do his/her best not to be insulting. Pelley came off as a loathsome government toady. I used to watch 60 Minutes occasionally, but the show has permanently lost me as a viewer.

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One Response to ““Thank God that He has made our enemies stupid.” « Hedonistic Pleasureseeker”

  1. 756saltydog Says:

    Stalin was just misunderstood too!

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