University of Florida student Andrew Meyer being hit by a Taser during a John Kerry event.

Student Tasered at Kerry Event

If a person can not ask an elected leader in the USA a question in a public forum and ask for an answer without being arrested and tasered in public and the very people in that room just let it happen…well the police state of the government have now won!

This is terrorism by the police state on the people of the USA by the USA. Wake up America and stand tall against your government and take back your government and your nation back away from those that do this to you. Why do you just keep allowing this to continue?

If that is democracy, fuck America.


wtf was wrong whit the rest of all ?? why dont u do nothing?? ..some is Laughing… ? wtf is wrong whit u usa people? .. dont u just see that kind of thing? … wat about nobody stud up to kerry? … he was Allowing all this

you can’t get arrested for asking a question. you can get arrested for disrupting an event. but when you get tazed by a swarm of people in uniform, then your rights are violated.things like these should happen more often. if you can’t check the government without getting tazered then you’re supporting a government with their own definiton of freedom.


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