Conservative Marine Matt Sanchez was a Gay Porn Whore

Conservative Marine Matt Sanchez was a Gay Porn Whore

This is yet another example of conservative hypocrisy. And yes, the video has Coulter and a gay porn star side by side.

Jingoist poster boy Matt Sanchez has been exposed as a former gay porn star and $250/session escort. I say hypocrisy not because of his support for the war, but because he is publicly associating with avowed homophobes. Note the photo of Ann Coulter and him at the recent CPAC event, where she called John Edwards a “faggot.”

It doesn’t matter if he’s actually gay or only gay-for-pay. The bottom line is that he willingly engaged in gay sex. For money, no less. And he now willingly associates with homophobes. Let’s not forget that it was gays who paid his income through porn and sex. Yet he just participated in a conference where the attendees want to outlaw gay sex, pornography and prostitution.

Please note that I have nothing against gay porn or even prostitution. But conservatives do. And Sanchez is not a bad person because of his past. But he is a bad person for supporting homophobes.

This is reminiscent of the Jeff Gannon/James Guckert affair where a “journalist” with no credentials was planted at press conferences to make Bush look good. Gannon was later exposed to be a conservative operative — and gay escort with explicit webpages. Like Sanchez, he was also a military man.


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