ZEITGEIST, The Movie – Official Release – Full Film

ZEITGEIST, The Movie – Official Release – Full Film


This is simply the most amazing documentary you’ll ever see in your life. So extremely powerful and eye opening. What do Christianity, 9/11 and The Federal Reserve have in common? Well, go to the following URL, then sit back and relax with your favorite beverage, and allow your mind to be awoken from your slumber.

Right now, consciously and subconsciously, increasingly vast numbers of people are instinctively feeling that something’s not right in this world. They might not be able to articulate in detail what it is. They just have that faint but nagging feeling that something’s not right about what’s going on in the world. And the spark that will set that afire is the INFORMATION to explain what IS going on. And when people have access to that INFORMATION — suddenly, what seemed to be a bewildering, complex, “what’s-going-on?” kind of world, becomes perfectly understandable. To understand what is happening, you have to understand what those in power are trying to achieve. If you don’t know that, then you have a co-ordinate missing that is fundamental to understanding. If you suffer from terminal naivity and believe that governments are there to somehow serve the people and do what’s right for the country, then you’ll look around at what’s happening in the world and say things like: “this government is just stupid, they’re incompetent, what they’re doing is crazy”. But when you realise that the goal is NOT to serve the people or the country, it is to serve a continuing agenda for global centralization of power and control, then you realise that what’s happening in the world is actually GENIUS and not stupidity – because the outcome is exactly what it’s meant to achieve.Consider this analogy – Imagine you’re driving down the freeway in your car, and you have a nail in your tyre. Now the tyre’s not going to blow up or rapidly deflate – as long as the nail stays in the tyre. BUT, you just don’t feel right when you’re driving the car, it doesn’t drive right, it shimmies and shakes a little bit as you drive. And you know that there’s just something wrong but you’re not sure of what it is. This is exactly what is happening in the world right now, and we humans are smart enough to feel it. And what we need is someone to come along and say, “Hey, have you had a look at your back tyre?” And then all becomes clear. This is why INFORMATION is so important to enable us to understand the cause of what is wrong in the world, and to put it right. And the people in power (not just the ones on public display — like Bush, Blair, etc) have suppressed this vital information from the masses so that they can continue to manipulate us for their own benefit. This has been going on for literally thousands of years. This suppression of information, through the mainstream media, is ABSOLUTELY FUNDAMENTAL to their control. The people in true power, who control the corporate mainstream media, only give us ONE version of events, one version of possibility, one version of reality. Then they keep repeating this version over and over again. The greatest form of mind-control is repetition. The result is that people are conditioned to see the world in a certain way. Their scope on reality becomes extremely limited and they are unable to think outside the box. They still feel that something isn’t right, but they are only being given – constantly over and over again – ONE version of reality via the mainstream media. So they don’t have that vital component — information — that will enable them to understand what is really going on. This is why, throughout history, governments have always suppressed information, and they’ve always seen “visionaries” as dangerous people. Because, what visionaries do, in all their different forms, is put another version of reality out there so people can actually think outside the box and see what is really going on. Adolf Hitler stated that the greatest enemy of any government is the common man who thinks for himself.

It is very informative and at the same time scarier than every scary movie I have ever seen. By seeing this, I am not sure where the big wheel is going to end up to, but I guess it is clear who the driver is. Is one of us, the people. Do not be surprised to know though that they cannot be defeated. At least not by the kind of culture we live in, seeing the way they are educating us and our children. They will push this game to the limit. And don’t forget that we the people are part of that game. Actually we are both the players and directors. Looks like we are brought in this world just to prove that we are able not only to breathe and consume our everyday food but we can also can consume each other slowly but sure. And that will be the end.


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