Bunny cam

Bunny cam

Baby bunnies! Update: 5/12/07 – Just as a clarification since it seems to come up in the comments a lot – these are purebred American Fuzzy Lop bunnies, and these are 3 different litters. Two of the litters are 4 weeks old and the bigger fluffier ones are 8 weeks old. I raise show bunnies in Youth for ARBA Shows (yes you can show bunnies 🙂 and of course they are all my spoiled pets as well. They have their own barn outside but they come in for runs if the weather outside isn’t great.

The bunnies in this video are Little Muscat, Merlot, Talisman, Gizmo, Charm aka Titanic (the tubby one!) Dallas, Madison, Lassie, Tortellini, and Tortilla. They are all 8 – 9 months now and have since found new homes…except for Little Mus. She stayed with me 🙂


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