Evolution of Dance staring Hillary Clinton and Bush (remix)


This is not your mother’s evolution of dance, in fact it is not politically correct as we have all the hot celebrities and Politicians dancing to the the most watched video of all time on youtube by Judson Laipply. It continues to be remixed,copied, copy, and redone. We call it runaway train, another one of our popular videos with hockey penalties and our other dance routines with the hokey pokey, and the chicken dance. This is our warm up to the primary in 2008. Surprising there is not Barack Obama mask available, what does that mean. Watch Rudy, Hillary, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Condi Rice, President George Bush, Arnold, Homer Simpson, but my favorite Al Gore is missing, coming soon in evolution 2 will be Howard Dean, John McCain and Larry King Live, also Madonna and the runaway bride. It’s no girls gone wild but politicians gone wild only here on youtube.com. Hillary Clinton has a small part here as big sister unmasked from her recent fame in 1984 from the macintosh commercial. Vote different or vote the same what every that means. What every happened to someone fresh like Garry Hart or Ross Perrot. Barack Obama does not have a mask in production yet so he will not be parodies as of this date. Hillary may be the new lonelygirl, or a picture a day if she wants more exposure on youtube. It may not be big brother or 1984, but is fun, “and you know what I mean” as Hillary would say. This is not endorsed by the national democratic and republican committees or any other political operatives. just some nut with a computer and a camera.


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