Me and two friends made this a while ago. We started at 6 am somewhere outside cologne and ended our trip at 5 pm exhausted and half death on a graveyard at the Achener Strasse.
I made a photo and then two steps and a photo and again two steps and well … so on and on.
When one camera’s sd-card was full one of my friends gave me another camera and the other one stored the photos on a laptop.
That sounds easy but we learned that it’s hard to do when all your technical devices run out of energy after a few hours.
So energy-replenishment halts where part of our trip but we managed to shoot around 7000 photos and walk 12 kilometers.
So now we have nearly 5 minutes of a shaky flythrough in 1080p HD and maybe some people from cologne or somewhere else have an interested to watch it.


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