Molten Metal WTC Thermite

The video is pretty revealing. It appears the thermite/explosives in the building that they used caught on fire due to damage near the building corner, and it really made a storm of sparks. I hope Steven Jones runs with this thing… Ultimately…if I was still a mason, I’d be sending my lodge demit in TODAY…because the secret societies have become so EXTREMELY criminal, that they are unsustainable. After a short stay with the masons in 1992, I managed to get the hell away from the group. They wanted to bring me back in (why? I dunno), but they are so corrupt, that they can’t couldn’t even corrupt me. The system is so heinous that their traps and enticements came off as comical and bizarre… I guess I really was dealing with the “Keystone Cops”….as depicted in the early silent films. “The keystone the builders rejected”.

As I was saying…if I was a secret society freak, I’d get out while the getting is good. People are going to jail over this…big time. Some people estimate that the numbers will be in the thousands. Take a personal vow of honesty. I did back in 1992. It made a mess of my life, but whatever it did…it got me out of low level illuminsecti activities. Overall, I’m much better off because of it. Money lovers are bug-brains…trying to swindle cash and property like insects carve up other bugs. It’s sick! It’s sick!

Anyway, I have chores to do.



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