2. The Neocons – Rumsfeld’s Imaginary War

Documentary: “The Power of Nightmares”
The Neocons create an imaginary war with the help of Donald Rumsfeld.

PART-2: In the late 70’s, the Neocons seized their opportunity to lay the grass roots that would one day lead to 911 and beyond. The Neocons allied themselves with Donald Rumsfeld and began a fear-mongering campaign that would convince President Ford to authorize an inquiry on the intentions and technological capabilities of the Soviet Union. Thought the idea sounded noble enough, the inquiry dubbed “Plan B” was authorized by Ford under the full-biased control of none other than the Neoconservatives (AKA the “crazies”).

The Neocons had one huge obstacle however. The CIA, as well as other international agencies had already proven that the Soviet Union was headed for a collapse and had no intention of attacking America. Regardless of the fact, the Neocons began their assessment. “But however closely they looked” at the CIA’s findings, “there was little evidence of the dangerous weapons or defense systems they claimed the Soviets were developing” at the time.

Since Neocons were on a quest to create a simplistic view of the world as “good and evil” and nothing in between, the truth was not about to get in their way. Team-B simply made an assumption: “The Soviets had developed systems that were so sophisticated, they were undetectable.” Sadly, with the help of Rumsfeld’s hypnotic, all-out chanting and ranting of fear and impeding doom (as shown in the video), the quivering politicians and the government ‘ate it up’ — and thus began the era of the Neoconservatives.

The story will continues in the next installments to show how the Neocons help finance, arm, and train the “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan, which would later become known as “terrorists.”


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