9/11 Bush Lied [ WARNING contains some graphic images]

SONG- “You Lied” by Away With The Fairys

Bush lies, people die. Nothing new. At the beginning of the video at a press conference Bush says it all…
President Bush:”What did Iraq have to do with what?”
Reporter:”The attack on the World Trade Center”
A war he started for more oil/power/payback to his big campaign supporters, by lying. Plain as day Iraq had nothing to do with it. Osama’s been dead since Dec 2001 (kept alive only “new audio/videotapes” by Bush’s henchmen for their agenda) same for Saddam- they have a poor, brainwashed Mr. Potatohead double. Bush, good Christian he is, keeps breaking the “Thou shalt not kill” commandment hundreds of times a day- he has sent people to kill for him, still makes him guilty. And all the Christian soldiers killing folks in Bush’s/freedoms name,
guilty of the same. May your God have mercy on your souls. (more)


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