How can you tell the difference?

Actors – Some people on YouTube hate on others for attention, subscribers, or because they think it’s fun. They don’t really believe in their own words, in fact, they are often fans of the people they hate on. You can spot these people by their history… check out comments they’ve left on other people’s videos or profiles… they usually reflect the same bad attidudes.

Real Haters – They hate because they truely believe in something. They have valid reasons for their beliefs and they don’t just go after people with lots of subscribers. They don’t hate for attention. A REAL hater shouldn’t even be called a hater at all, I’m just using the name as an example here. If you read a real hater’s comments on other people’s videos or profile, you’ll notice that the comments may not be all that negative. They may just have a problem with something you’ve said or done. These people are also willing to hear you out, because they want to know why you don’t agree with them.

Don’t play along with ANY haters, unless you’re willing to sacrafice your time and emotion. Personally, I’d like to stay focused on my own videos. Some say this video contridicts my own words, but look in the grand scheme of things… There are many new people on YouTube who know nothing about hate. These new people could be very creative and interesting, but if a hater starts leaving nasty comments, it could drive the new YouTuber away. I just hope this video gets out to as many new people as possible.

I purposely left one spelling error in this video to mess with people. Some of the mistakes are very obvious. : )

I should have said “constructive criticism” instead of “true criticism” though, but oh well… you get the point.

Don’t waste your energy on the haters, use it on doing something you love to do instead. That’s the main point I wanted to get across.

Ok, I’m going back to work on my videos. Thanks for watching, I hope it helps : )

-Cory “Mr. Safety”



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