Conspiracy theorists frequently refer to the collapse of Seven World Trade Center in discussing the controlled demolition theory. They cite several reasons for this. First, they believe the collapse displayed clear features of a controlled demolition. Second, they claim that since no plane hit the building, it should not have collapsed. Flaming debris did fall onto the building as a result of the collapse of the twin towers, but World Trade Center buildings 4, 5 and 6 remained standing despite also being damaged. Third, in a PBS documentary on the collapse, Larry Silverstein, the owner of the building, explained the fire department had decided to “pull it”. Although his spokesperson explained that Silverstein meant that firefighters had decided to withdraw from the building and the surrounding area for their own safety , many conspiracy theorists insist that “pull it” is technical slang in the demolition industry for demolish a building. However, individuals in the demolition industry do not in fact use this term . The official investigation into the collapse is still ongoing (a draft of the NIST report will be released in early 2007). The NIST explain that they had to prioritize their investigation, and chose to investigate the collapse of WTC buildings 1 and 2 first, and then building 7. The fact that the building housed the offices of government agencies like the CIA, the FBI, and the SEC, along with the City of New York’s emergency command bunker has also fueled conspiracy theories.


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