9/11 Nothing Lasts Forever – Pt 2 – Opportunity

Motive Opportunity Method Results

9/11 has been the single historic event which has made massive global changes possible.

And it is the most under-investigated event in history also, even though there are many questions unanswered, admitted in the 9/11 Commission Report itself.

There is no material evidence to examine. It was all swept away.

There is only video evidence – seizmic evidence – spectral – still photo’s – recordings and eyewitness evidence.

There is more information on 9/11 than ever before in history when it comes to Historical Turning Points.

So why aren’t people looking – it’s too confusing.

The official story is easy to believe – easy – neat with the Osama himself confessing.

There is some Good News:

It worked.

9/11 made it possible for the US to secure the Petrodollar as the US$ as the Fiat currency for the world for a lot longer.

It preserved the American way of life, in effect, saving the world’s largest economy.

It was Just what the Doctor Ordered.

Do these Ends justify these Means?

Ask hard…. ….think hard.



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