Mega-Tornado hits Downtown Dallas – Fiction of a Disaster

From: steviee12
Fictitious F5 Tornado hits the downto… Fictitious F5 Tornado hits the downtown area of an US metropolis like Dallas. What would happen? It is an animation of a documantary, which discuss that situation. The scientists estimate the result of such a supertornado in Dallas:

Death: 1,000
Injured: 15,000
destroyed buildings: 30,000
homeless persons: 40,000
total loss: 5,000,000,000 dollar

At the beginning of this clip some original tornado footage (amongst others the Oklahoma tornado in 1999) are mixed with cgi. The effects are not made by Hollywood, just for a documentary in TV. You should have an impression of this event.

You can compare this scenario with the relativ weak F2 tornado hitting downtown Fort Worth in 2000, that actually happened:

Note: The Oklahoma tornado in 1999 didn’t hit the downtown area of Oklahoma City, which a much larger disaster would have been. So this event is incomparable to this. Pictures of the F5 tornado in Oklahoma here:



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